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A new era begins for Max.

We are pleased to announce that Mudd-Ox International Limited has concluded its 3 year relationship with Mudd-Ox Inc. and is set to move forward under its new identity as Mxi.  As part of the termination agreement ownership of the Max ATV brand, Intellectual Property and assets have been transferred to Mxi, though transfer of assets has not yet been completed – much appears to be missing. In collaboration with our sister company Agile Vehicle Technologies Inc. (AVT) we intend to breathe new life into the Max brand and its support.

Coming Over The HillAt last … something new coming over the hill!

Max Sales 2013 – 2017: The Missing Years

If you bought or sold a Max vehicle between August 2013 and 2017, then you can help us to help you by adding your vehicle details to the records of Max built.

Why are we asking for this information?

We are trying to document what might otherwise become a lost generation of Max vehicles: undocumented, hard to support, risky to buy and difficult to sell-on. If you would like to add details of a recent purchase or sale to Max ATV records then please visit this page: Max Sales 2013-2017 to find out more and submit details. 

Vehicle Production and Design

All production of Max vehicles at Shipshewana will cease forthwith and Mudd-Ox Inc. will no longer be an authorised retailer of Max vehicles, parts or accessories.


Mxi and AVT, with the support of ex-Recreatives Industries (RI – the former owners of the Max brand) personnel, will commence a detailed design review of Max to consider current and future model development options.  The last known properly documented build standard of vehicles was August 2013.  We will take this as the baseline for future product development. Parts developed after this date will be subject to rigorous review before gaining the Max stamp of approval.


Parts and Accessories

Mudd-Ox Inc. will cease to be an approved supplier of Max parts and accessories with immediate effect.

Parts enquiries – please click here.