Introducing a New Skid Steer Generation

So, we took a long hard look at what we need for future vehicle models … and item 1 on the list, long overdue, was an improved transmission.

The T20 skid steer transmission was originally designed for use with lightweight 6×6 vehicles; its useful life is substantially shortened in bigger, heavier and more powerful vehicles and when exposed to the additional loadings associated with 8×8 use. This made the existing T20 design a non-starter for production-quality 8×8 machines capable of reliably moving 6 or more personnel and moderate loads.

A detailed and fundamental design review of the T20 clearly identified areas of structural weakness, tolerancing and material spec issues, tooth geometries contributing to excessive contact pressures and obsolescent parts. The challenge set and subsequently met was to redesign it to support substantially more demanding usage profiles, within the same space envelope at similar or lower cost.


So, we have partnered with leading transmission system designers and fabricators to develop an enhanced family of transmissions, building firmly upon the Max T20 heritage.

In later 2017 we will introduce our new and improved range – these transmissions will offer higher power and torque capacities, improving upon the best features of the original T20 design and addressing some of the long-standing usability issues.


The range will include two new skid steer transmission variants designed to suit future generation vehicles.


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