New Skid Steer Transmission Line-Up

Our new range includes two new and substantially enhanced skid steer transmission variants designed to suit future generation vehicles

The Old – T20

  • The T20 version will be gently retired by us for new-vehicle builds, however we will continue to provide parts and service support.

We will offer an enhanced range of backwards-compatible parts for existing T20 transmissions; fit-form-function replacements, but exploiting some material and techniques developed for the new ranges.

The New – T22 & T25


  • AV-T22 – the same input shaft as the T20 but with duplex output sprockets, better suited to transfer of the additional torque and power that the box can now handle.
  • AV-T25 – the same casing and control layout with duplex output sprockets and including a longer, stronger and more robust input shaft which is compatible with a wider range of modern continuously variable transmission clutches.

The enhanced range of transmissions address long running issues with the T20 such as difficult gear change, which has been an important constraint in realizing the full functionality of the box – making split shift control impractical during routine use and denying the additional maneuverability that has been part of the basic design for more than 40 years. With smoother and more consistent gear change on the AV-T22-25 ranges, split shift operation becomes not only possible but straightforward. The clever design is at last able to achieve its full potential.


We will also offer long overdue technical, parts and maintenance documentation, along with guidance on how to get the best out of your investment.



Accessories.  A selection of accessories will become available to enhance the functionality of the transmission in extremes of usage and in particular roles. Notable among these will be oil cooling and filtration, along with instrumentation to monitor health and display temperatures.

We will be breaking with long-held tradition. Versions of the transmission will be made available for use in other products, subject to strict qualification conditions. A wide user base with more diverse challenges will spin off dynamic and innovative design; this first major step in product development will not be the last.


These new and enhanced skid steer transmissions will become available for use in later 2017.

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  1. JOE says:


    • admin says:

      Hi Joe,
      The T21, which has the same internals as the T25, is designed as a drop-in replacement for T20 on older Max II, IV and Buffalo

  2. joe says:

    what is different about the t-25 internals from older t-20s.

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