Max Production Delays

We regret to announce further delays in the availability of Max ATV – the transfer of key assets between Muddox Inc. and Mxi has not yet been completed and there is now no prospect of commencing manufacture at our Grand Island facility during 2017.

Some Background.

  • Recreatives Industries Inc. originated the MAX brand in 1969 and was the owner until selling all MAX assets in late 2013.
  • Mudd-Ox Inc. was majority owner of the MAX brand and controlled production and sales from late 2013 until late 2016.
  • Ownership of the MAX brand and all associated assets was transferred from Mudd-Ox Inc. to Mxi in late 2016 as a result of a legal settlement.

Max – A Great Future. On a positive note, our preliminary design reviews of Max have been promising, the underlying design is simple but still fundamentally strong, which is why the basic vehicle has survived more that a decade of inattention and lack of investment. We were deeply concerned to find that there is no documentation relating to changes made in the last 3 years; a dark period in the product’s development history which we are still attempting to penetrate.

The Next Generation. Given the solid (though now somewhat frayed) legacy left by Recreatives Industries we have identified a route-map that will re-introduce Max as a competitive and desirable product with improved design and performance at lower cost. When we are eventually able to set this plan into action Max will re-emerge as a meaningful player in the ATV stage.

The Road Bump. We had expected to be well advanced in our preparations for manufacture of classic and future generation Max by now, unfortunately, despite months of negotiation we still await the transfer of key tooling and product information. We much regret therefore, that Max production remains on hold.



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