Web Sites

Welcome to the Max ATVs site, all distributors and dealers for Max are listed here, so no matter where you are in the world you are you can easily identify your local support infrastructure.

Regional Sites

We also have a network of regional sites that are designed to meet the needs of the local users. Predominant among these is our US parts distribution partner Max6x6.

We encourage all of our dealers to have their own standardised web portal to provide clearly focused language and practical support to their local user family – we help them to do so by providing free micro-sites, sub-domains, email addresses and marketing resources ready to go.

Dealer Support

It’s important that our dealers are equipped to provide you with the best quality of support. So we also provide them with access to a private dealership site allowing them ready access to all the key information necessary to offer the best possible support. It also allows them to collaborate – an underlying theme of the global Max family – to share knowledge, expertise and resources.

If we can do more, tell us what it is!