Max Sales (2013-2017) – Missing Records

If you bought or sold a Max vehicle between August 2013 and 2017, then you can help us to help you by adding your vehicle details to the records of Max built.

I am prepared to provide additional information on my vehicle. Please contact me if you need to know more

Why are we asking for this information?

We are trying to document what might otherwise become a lost generation of Max vehicles: undocumented, hard to support, risky to buy and difficult to sell-on.

All records relating to vehicles built and sold between August 2013 – Spring 2017 (including serial number, types, dates, quantities, configuration, modifications, build state) have been with-held and/or lost by the company that owned Max over that period.

Nor has any coherent information or design documentation been provided for the various modifications made to the 2013 (Recreatives Industries Inc.) build standards. All Reference Vehicles appear to have been disposed of.

Of particular concern is that we have no information regarding ongoing compliance with important international standards such as CE Certification. The Recreatives generation of Max were CE certified, albeit against earlier versions of the standard, but it is not clear whether any necessary re-certification has taken place to align with recent legislation changes, to review this compliance upon change of ownership in 2013 or to document and demonstrate compliance on change of design since then. The responsibility for assuring that claimed compliance is valid lies not only with the manufacturer making the claim, but also the importer, dealer and employer – .and penalties for incorrectly claimed compliance can be significant, particularly where injuries arise and litigation ensues.

Because of these various issues, and in the absence of any documentation or records, we are unable to adopt this generation of vehicles as an OEM supported product and any future Max development will be based upon the last-known good and complete design information baseline (Aug 2013 – RI), which was CE certified.

The next generation of design will leap-frog the 2013-17 generation, with any desirable features completely redesigned, fully documented and properly supported.  However we have no wish to cut recent new owners adrift, so we will be attempting to rebuild as much of the missing information as possible over forthcoming months so that we can provide some level of coherent support for these vehicles in the future. If the registration response is sufficient we may undertake to investigate and provide solutions to specific issues arising, either by offering reversionary modifications or improved solutions. Doing this properly will, we regret take time, but this is the first step.