Max T-20

Smooth, Efficient and Effective – Max ATVs use the Borg-Warner designed T-20 skid-steer unit, this was concieved specifically to meet the needs of lightweight, 6×6 all-terrain skid steer systems rather than heavier 8×8 use.  

This compound epicyclic-geared steering system does not rely on differential slip, allowing independent control of power and torque, port and starboard, enabling true six-wheel drive with efficient transfer of torque and low braking losses.  The T-20 steering box is unique to the Max range and beats anything the competition can do hands-down.  This highly capable steering system offers:

  • Truly Independent Control –

    the T-20 is two mechanically distinct transmission systems, one for the right side and one for the left

    . This allows smooth turns, even from a standing start without uncontrolled transfer of power from one side to the other.
  • Tight, Low-Power Turns. Precision traction control without power bleed and associated surface-tyre damage.

The importance of full-time, non-differential, six-wheel drive cannot be overstated, key benefits include:

  • Full-time drive to all wheels regardless of the surface traction on each wheel – all wheels drive whether any or all of them are on mud, snow, ice or fresh air.
  • No uncontrolled transfer of power between port and starboard wheel sets – a feature that results in “self-steering” in difficult conditions with lesser vehicles.
  • No torque loss when steering – differential steering results in a 50% torque loss when steering, requiring a low gear range to compensate and poor low-speed agility.
  • Low shock loading of the drive train – unlike differential steering which doubles the speed to the drive train whenever steering is occurring.


The T-20 Skid-Steer transmission is currently exclusive to MAX ATVs, providing unparalleled traction, mobility, and maneuverability. Try one and see the difference that non-differential steering and drive can make…