For over forty years MAX ATVs have earned a unique reputation in their class, setting the pace in terms of product design, style and capability.


Our Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles are a uniquely flexible class; they can carry up to six passengers within the body of the vehicle, protected from environmental extremes … they can do this on land, on water and on those more challenging terrains that are neither one nor the other – swamp, marsh, bogland, mud flats, the littoral, deep powder snow, places that man, nor boat, nor land vehicle can safely go..

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The 6-wheeled MAX ATV is an extremely maneuverable, lightweight and cost-effective product with a purpose designed, simple, robust and technically superb skid-steering mechanism and the lowest ground pressures in their class. The permanent six-wheel drive system allows them to traverse incredibly soft, muddy or swampy terrain. All variants can be fitted with rubber tracks that allow the vehicle to negotiate even the most sensitive of surfaces. Load capacities range from 600 to 1200 lbs and all can tow up to 1000 pounds dead weight. Most models have integral cargo-carrying capacity, and the Buffalo Truck has a 53″ by 51″ dump body for more serious utility applications.


Power is supplied by either Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, Kohler Command, or Kawasaki twin-cylinder engines ranging from 480cc to 745cc, with petrol or diesel options available, all are covered by a two-year manufacturer warranty. Warranty and service work on the engines can be performed at any of thousands of authorized service centers across the U.S. and the world.


Standard features on all models include: Amphibious capability, electric start, CVT or hydrostatic transmission, headlights and tail-lights. Max variants sport a 5-gallon fuel tank, and a Borg-Warner designed T-20 Skid Steer steering transmission.

Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A. with an enviable heritage dating back to 1970, MAX ATVs can be found where the going is tough, all over the world fulfilling the most demanding of off-road applications:

  • Trail riding
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Farming and Ranching
  • Search & Rescue
  • Oil Exploration
  • Military
  • Border Patrol
  • Mosquito Control
  • Construction
  • Utility Company maintenance
  • And on ….

Global Ambitions

Following collaborative agreements reached in October 2016 AVT Inc.Inc, a US company and Mxi, a UK company, are now strongly placed to develop their global ATV presence. Mxi will apply its innovative engineering design and manufacturing expertise to the development and productionisation of a next-generation family of vehicles and assist in the detailed engineering consolidation and refinement of existing ranges. AVT Inc. will continue to develop its US production base and provide the focus for the dominant NAFTA market, with Mxi developing its technology and production bases to satisfy wider and emerging global markets.  Both companies will collaborate in the development and global exploitation of their respective technologies and production facilities to optimise the global footprint of respective product ranges.