Max Sales 2013 – 2017: The Missing Years

If you bought or sold a Max vehicle between August 2013 and 2017, then you can help us to help you by adding your vehicle details to the records of Max built.

Why are we asking for this information?

We are trying to document what might otherwise become a lost generation of Max vehicles: undocumented, hard to support, risky to buy and difficult to sell-on. If you would like to add details of a recent purchase or sale to Max ATV records then please visit this page: Max Sales 2013-2017 to find out more and submit details. 



The 3 year relationship between Mudd-Ox International Ltd (Mxi) and Mudd-Ox Inc. is now dissolved. Mudd-Ox International will henceforth trade as Mxi.


The Max brand, Intellectual property, tooling and rights have now been transferred to Mxi, who will be working with Agile Vehicle Technologies Inc. to redevelop the brand.


Mudd-Ox Inc. is no longer an endorsed or OEM-authorised retailer of Max vehicles, parts or accessories. They will however remain liable for warranty and other matters arising from vehicles they have manufactured and sold.